From 2010, we have invested in more deep processed glass products as laminated glass, tempered glass and mirror products, our experienced management, technical and marketing team assures that we can supply the high quality products complying with ISO and CE certificate.



  • What IsThe Difference Between Insulating Glass And Laminated Glass

    What is the difference between insulating glass and laminated glass  First, the difference between insulating glass and laminated glass  1, the heat insulation effect is different  Although these two kinds of glass have a certain heat insulation effect, but the insulation effect of insulating gl...

  • How To Remove Scale From Shower Room Glass

     How to remove scale from shower room glass. Six ways to give you a clean bathroom. In order to distinguish the dryness and humidity of the shower room and the wash area, many families use glass partitions to separate the shower room. Compared with curtain partitions, this kind of glass partition...

  • Is The Shower Room Glass Better To Be Transparent Or Frosted?

     Originally, the space in the bathroom is not very large, but in order to separate dry and wet areas, the shower room is usually partitioned by glass. But the choice of glass is also very complicated. Frosted glass has strong privacy, and transparent glass is easy to clean. So is the shower room ...

  • Notice Of Commencement For Spring Festival

    Dear new and old customers and friends: Happy New Year! Our company has started work normally on February 18, 2024, and all the work starts as usual. On the occasion of the company’s departure from the old year and the New Year, I, on behalf of the leadership of the company, would like to a...

  • The Glass Market Will Rise In 2023. Can It Continue Its Efforts In 2024?

     The glass market will rise in 2023. Can it continue its efforts in 2024?  The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that economic work in 2024 will adhere to the principle of “seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through advancement, breaking first and th...